Download Instagram Pro Apk Updated V9.8.0 Free

Inatsgram Pro Apk is an upgraded version of conventioanal instagram app. You can enjoy all the features of Instagram with additional qualities, which I will mention in this guide. It is safe but, unfortunately, not available for iOS.

When writing this article, there were more than 2.35 billion active Instagram users. The number is piling up as the world’s population is rising. In this modern era, a huge chunk of the human population is introverted and wants to spend their leisure time on social media apps to stay connected to their friends, fans and family members. Instagram is more than just a social media app; it works as a free personal image storage device, business media app and reels sharing platform.

Millions of Instagram social media influencers have made their bread and butter worldwide with this free app. But what if I tell you there is an app far better than the genuine Instagram app. Yes, an app named Instagram Pro Apk is far better than the official app and contains features that can blow your mind.

Download Instagram Pro Apk Free
Download Instagram Pro Apk

Downloading Instagram Pro Apk for Android

Here is the step-by-step way to download the Instagram Pro Apk on your android devices:

  1. At the first-step search for the website and land to this page.
  2. Make sure that you have already enabled the “Unknown Sources” from the settings section of your android device.
  3. Now tab to the download button and wait until the download starts.
  4. After downloading the apk file, install it.
  5. Launch the app and enjoy this app for free.

Downloading Instagram Pro Apk on PC

With an android emulator, you can use any app on your PC. However, in the present case, here is the step-by-step guide to downloading this app:

  1. Download an android emulator like the Bluestacks, LDPlayer, MuMu, Nox Player or anyone on your Windows PC.
  2. Install it and log on to from the browser.
  3. Download and install the latest version of apk file.
  4. Here you go! Scroll Instagram on your Laptop, PC or any other Windows device.

What is Instagram Pro Apk?

The Instagram app is used to share images, post reels, follow your famous divas and grow your business, but it has never been a perfect app. For example, you can’t download your followed personalities’ photos, reels and stories. Plus, there are many hindrances, including those pertaining to the security and privacy features in the original app.

Instagram Pro Apk is a modified version of the original Instagram that gives you a range of features that are not offered otherwise. For example, you can download photos, reels and videos of anyone you follow. Plus, you can hide your online status and change the theme styles and fonts in the modified app.

How Was Instagram Mod Apk Built?

The Indian Mod Developers developed Instagram Mod Apk by making technical changes to the original script of Instagram’s main code. Instagram Pro is not the only modified version, as many others are available in the market, including Instander, Instagram Thunder, Insta up apk, Insta Pro 2, GB Instagram and Aero Instagram.

So if you want more than Instagram, Instagram mod versions are the best options.


As told earlier in this guide, the mod version of Instagram contains all those features not available in the original app, so let’s check out the distinct features of the Instagram Mod Apk one by one.

Chat Screen Colors

Unlike the Instagram app, the Instagram Pro Apk has more colors while chatting with friends. In the chat screen, you can modify the font style, colors, text colors and background colors with just one button. This makes the app more attractive than anything you imagine.

Keeps your Status Private

Privacy is one of the top-notch priorities of mod Instagram apps. In the real Instagram app, you can not hide your online status, and you can’t hide your identity from someone whose story you have already visited. With the instagram pro version, you can spy on your targeted crush or check their status without knowing them.

Control on the Quality of Videos

Do you know that when you upload a high-quality video on Instagram, the app automatically reduces the quality of the images, and thus, you suffer from a bad user experience? The mod developers have taken this problem very seriously and thus developed the Instagram Pro App, enabling you to control the quality of uploaded videos as much as possible. With the apk version, it is totally up to you what kind of stuff you like to share with your audience.

Save Videos and Stories of Your Friends

It is one of the most demanded issues in the Instagram App that needs to be addressed. The mod developers tried to resolve this issue and eventually made a perfect version named Instagram Pro Apk. If you have this modified Instagram app, you can easily save video, whether it is of your friends’ stories or reels. Similarly, you can download the images of your friends or anyone on Instagram with a click.

Ads Free Experience

When you scroll the timelines on Instagram, you will find many useless posts that will waste your quality time. If you are using a mod version of Instagram, you can overcome this issue. If you are using the modified version, mark my words, this is the best app you can have on your mobile phone.

In-Built Security Feature

If you have a genuine Instagram app, you can not lock it with an additional password other than the mobile lock. If you have the Instagram Pro Apk, you can lock your privacy, photos even the login panel with just your fingertips. In short, any third-party app is unnecessary to lock this app.

Translation Feature

The modified Instagram apk has the feature to translate the comments into your native language. Many languages are available like Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese and many more…

Follow and Unfollow Tracking Feature

Do you want to know who is following you and who is leaving you? Instagram Pro Apk enables you to track all who are following and leaving you. It is the best app to track your followers, infact.

What are the Alternatives to Instagram Pro Apk

If you are incompatible with Instagram Mod Apk, you can choose the alternatives. Here are the alternatives that are available on our website:

  1. Insta up apk
  2. Insta Pro 2
  3. GB Instagram
  4. Instander Mod Apk
  5. Aero Instagram

Instagram Pro Apk Screenshots

Download Instagram Pro Apk
Download Instagram Pro Apk
Download Instagram Pro Apk
Download Instagram Pro Apk

Final Words

Instagram Pro Apk is a third-party app with features that can only be imagined on the real app. For example, you can download videos and images for free, track your followers, and change your app’s theme and styling. It is a funky app with improved security features. So, if you want to unleash the world of images and stories, get this right app on your mobile.


Is Instagram Pro Apk is Safe for Devices?

We don’t take responsibility for any other platform. However, if you download this app from our platform, it is fully secure. Additionally, the apk is a third-party app, which may deviate in quality from the original app.

Can I increase real followers with Instagram Pro Apk?

Instagram Pro Apk is not meant to increase the followers of your original Instagram account. However, the modified version allows you to track your followers easily. If you want to increase the followers in real way, you can choose InstagramUp Apk.