Instander Apk Download Official v17.2 [Updated 2023]

Instander Apk is a modified version of IG which is just like Instagram but with additional features. The mod developers develop it with extra benefits, including directly downloading stories, photos and videos. It also offers you to copy the bio, comments and descriptions of your peers or role models.

Let’s get to know more about this apk.

Download Instander Apk Updated Version

How to Download Instander Mod Apk on Android

Here is the step-by-step way to download Instander Apk on your phone:

  1. This is a third-party app, so you must first enable all unknown sources from the settings section of your mobile phone.
  2. After enabling it, download the file from this post.
  3. Wait until the file is completely downloaded.
  4. Install it.
  5. Login to this app, enter your credentials and enjoy!

Why Instander Mod Apk?

Today there are hundreds of millions of social media users in the world. People spend much of their daily routine on social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, both men and women, boys and girls, share their well-kept images, thoughts and stories with their friends, family and unknown fans.

Every app has certain restrictions, which is a beauty on its own. But for many people, it is a constraint. For example, you can’t download videos, stories and reels directly on a real Instagram app. The app also does not allow an official to copy descriptions of other members.

To overcome these issues, the mod developers built an app that must have all those features missing from the real app. So, the mod developers decided to build an app named “Instander Mod Apk”. The mod apps are developed with different permutations and reflect different features. For example, if you want a more funky Instagram where you can change your layout, fonts and colors, you can download “Instagram Pro Apk”.

Similarly, if you want unlimited non-drop followers, you can download InstagramUp Apk or TopFollow Apk from our website.

What is Instander Apk?

As stated, Instander Mod Apk is a modified version of Instagram with epic features missing in the original Instagram App. For example, you can directly download videos, reels and stories from any other profile. So, you don’t need any separate video-downloading app. Additionally, you can modify styling, copy descriptions, and save comments directly with one click.


Here I will share all those features you can enjoy with this modified IG App. I have been using this app for the past few years and have hardly any issues.

Downloading Videos for Free

This is one of the most lovable features of Instander Apk. If you currently use Instagram on your android devices, you may face this problem for so long. The original app does not allow you to download videos, reels and stories directly. So you may use a separate video downloader or have to navigate to any online tool to do this job.

The third-party downloading apps will get more space on your phone and may also hurt your android’s health. Conventional video downloading apps potentially contain malware that eventually compromises your phone’s security and privacy.

Instander Mod Apk is a stand-alone app and an alternative to IG Android if you want to download your favorite members, reels and stories from any profile. You don’t need an original app if you have already downloaded this mod apk.

Creating your own Close Friend List

Over time, sarcasm and humor are involved. According to Time of India, there are almost 11 types of humor. Social media platforms, including Instagram, are a good source of memes where you can digest new ideas and share relatable jokes with your friends.

But a specific circle of friends who can relate to your jokes still needed. The original IG app lacks this feature; however, on Instander Apk, you can build your friends list to share sarcastic jokes or any private file with a group of people.

Besides jokes, you can share anything you want with your specific group of people. You can also use this list for professional motives.

Hiding Stories

On Instagram, it is not an option to hide your stories. If someone can access your profile, the stories will be available to them. But there are cases when you don’t like sharing your stories with everyone. If you are in a relationship, you will get my point!

Instander App allows you to hide stories from those you want to restrict. Additionally, this feature applies to your live videos. If you are an Insta influencer with a huge related audience, just download this app and choose whom you like to take on your live session and whom you like to block straight forward.

Message Replies Modifications

This is one of the most prominent issues many influencers face today. Many haters comment (in hate) when you post an image or story, which may ruin your reputation. To eliminate these negative vibes, Instander Apk lets you choose your followers and those who can comment on your post or reels. If it is personal, you can close all comments on this apk.

Data Storage for Free for Life

Today social media platforms are also being used as data storage. But first of all, it needs to be fully secured so you can rely on it. On Instander, you can save your videos and reels under the videos archive section. It will no longer burden your phone storage as you can directly store graphical content on this app’s cloud storage. You have to log in and access it whenever you need it without any issues.

Sharing Restrictions

Your privacy gets a little insecure when you have thousands of followers on Instagram. You must be over-conscious of what you are doing, following and sharing. Sharing a post that annoys your followers may be a matter of death to your influencing career.

But, you also have to enjoy your personal life where no one knows what you are doing, what you like and what you share. With Instander Apk you can choose the reach you to post and whatever you share. If you don’t like your content being reshared by your audience, you can restrict your post. Similarly, you can even segregate who can share your post and remix it for further use.

Ads Free Experience

Ads and data are the primary sources of Instagram revenue, but this is not what users like. Many ads hurt user experience and also annoyed me when I was using standard IGApp. The Instander Apk provides ads-free user experience where you can enjoy unlimited scrolling, observing news feeds and searching whatever you want without facing any ads.

Extended Education and Entainment Search Content

Over time, social media platforms expanded their features. Initially, the Instagram app was just an image-sharing app; later, they added short videos, stories and reels to their platform. Recently they have launched IGTV Videos where you can access long-form content for almost every niche, including sports, DIYs, crafts, cooking, traveling, etc.

With the apk file, the search algorithm works better and shows more relevant optimized results against your keywords.

Modify Analytics and Crash Reports on Your Will

Your Instagram account always follows your activity, and according to your search, they show you the content you like or dislike. Most of the time, the IG algorithm knows more about what you want and what you like to watch at certain times.

But if you are old school and don’t like someone to get in the hands of your privacy, just shut that up with the Instander Apk. You can also send a crash report to this app’s developers, who will resolve it immediately.

Handle Everything in Ghost Mode

On Instander Apk you can do everything you want without someone knowing you are there. In Ghost Mode, your search history will not be recorded and shared with the IG algorithm.

Secondly, you can read unknown senders’ messages without knowing them. The message will be unread unless you come out of Ghost mode.

Thirdly, when you reply to someone, there will not be a “typing….” status on the receiver’s screen.

Improved Quality of Graphics

In a standard IG app, graphics quality is compressed automatically whenever you send high-quality graphics. This is sometimes good, but Instagram is not much smarter, as the compressed file may destroy your user experience. Instander Mod Apk keeps graphics quality intact, so your user can benefit.

So if you have high-speed internet, just upload high-quality reels, images, stories and IGTV long videos. To do so, enable the “‘Photos in max quality’ option; the rest will be the Apk’s job.

Smart Gestures Enabled

All this post, you may think I am against the original Instagram App, but this is untrue. Nothing can match the class of standard Insta. The features are amazing, and the gestures are mind-blowing.

Those smart features are intact in Instander Apk, like you can swipe left and right whenever you want. You can double-tap to like an image. Additionally, you can also long tap to zoom in on any photo.

Rest of the Story

There is much more that this Instander Mod Apk has that I may not cover in this post. Many little things add the cherry on top to this apk android file.

This includes:

  • Viewing full-screen stories.
  • In-app browser to follow links directly.
  • Enable and disable Auto-play to save data.
  • Cropping Stories.
  • Hiding liked posts.
  • Enables or disables suggested friends.

And much more…


Instander Apk Download
Instander Apk Download
Instander Apk Download
Instander Apk Download
Instander Apk Download
Instander Apk Download
Instander Apk Download
Instander Apk Download

Final Words

It was once a dream of every IG user to have an improved app where you can enjoy much more which is lacking in the original app. Instander Mod Apk, is one of a kind where you can have everything you want. It is secure and operational on millions of mobile devices without any complaints.